Renting Barcelona Apartments Cheaper For Brits, As Pound Strengthens



Are you a Brit, thinking of renting an apartment in Barcelona? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that renting a beautiful Barcelona flat will now leave less of a hole in your bank balance. This is because the pound recently hit a 7.5-year high versus the euro, at 1.4256, its strongest since November 7th 2007!


What this means for you is that, when you exchange currencies for your Barcelona holiday, you’ll now get more euros. For example, let’s say you exchange £2,500 to rent a Barcelona apartment. With that sum, you’ll now get +€560 more than if you’d visited the Catalan capital back at the start of 2014, when the pound was far weaker.


In other words, that’s an extra +€560 sitting in your pocket, at no additional cost to you, just because the exchange rate has strengthened! With that sort of money, you could rent a more luxurious Barcelona flat, splash out on some authentic Catalan cuisine, or just pocket the sizeable saving for a rainy day!


Moreover, it could soon become even more affordable to holiday in Barcelona, if sterling continues to climb versus the euro. The pound could exceed this 7-year high, first, if Greece exits the Eurozone, as looks entirely possible. Second, the pound may also continue to climb, because the UK economy is easily outpacing the Eurozone’s.


With this in mind, make the most of this advantageous exchange rate, and rent your Barcelona apartment today!


By Peter Lavelle

Pure FX

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