The issue of touristic licenses

Today economy has evolved a lot thanks (or because) of one company, Uber. The economy is uberized, which means anyone can be a cab driver, a food delivery but also a real estate agent.

As you may know, Barcelona is definitely one of the places to visit, not only in Europe but in the whole world. Hot weather, nice beach, people smiling and always in a good mood, cheap cost of living. All of those elements put together explain the huge amount of tourist coming to Barcelona thoughtout the year.

The number of tourisTourists forbidden in Barcelonat in Barcelona just exploded, it it went from 2,45 million in 1993 to nearly 9 millions in 2015. With over 8 millions people coming to visit the capital of Catalonia that is populated of 1,6 million of people, Barcelona is pretty much victim of its own success, so much that the Mayor of the city Ada Collau decided to freeze touristic licences, but the other reason was also in order to evaluate the number of people coming into Barcelona. A part of the population is unhappy about this effect of mass tourism, so much so that that some protesting occurred.

But before going any further, what is a touristic licence? It’s an permission that is delivered by the Mayor which allows the owner of a place to rent a housing to a tourist, then the owner is registered in “the official Registry of Tourism in Catalonia” , this way the owner will be able to rent fully his flat to someone for a period equal or inferior to 31 days to someone. We must really keep in mind that it’s the owner on which weights every responsabilities, the tenant has no power in the whole process. The tenant is exposing himself to important sanctions if he sub-leases the place or even a room to a tourist without the consent of the owner.

If the authorities catch an illegal rent, the owner is subject to a fine from 3,000€ to 600.000€.

A such negative feeling of tourist by Barcelonan people is animated by the behaviour of some tourists. Some behave very disrespectfully, throw trash in the street and moreover, they party and make noise all night long, which really disturb residents.

The mayor started freezing all those licence in april 2014, but for now, there is no discussion in order to give licences again. The only way to get around would be to make mid-term rentals, (1 to 11 months). If you’re looking for a mid or long term contract, feel free to contact us at :