6 tips for impressing potential home buyers

When it comes to selling a house there are a lot of things you can do to impress potential home buyer. Cleaning, de-cluttering, and fixing minor problems are always at the top of the list. But there are some other ways to make your property stand out from the crowd that people do not often think about.

  1. Lighten it up

A bright home appears to be more welcoming than one that’s dark and sullen. Do everything you can to add some light to your space such as taking down drapes or changing their fabric, the little things you do will let more light stream into every room. Other tips include using light colored lampshades, cleaning windows, and ditching fluorescent bulbs.

  1. Take photos in all seasons

Curb appeal is a huge part of impressing potential buyers, but if you are selling your house in the winter and your yard is covered in snow it can be hard for people to imagine what it will look like in the summer. And vice versa. That is why we highly recommend you take photos of the property in all seasons. Show them what they can expect in terms of foliage, lawn care and anything else landscape related. Just make sure your yard looks its best before you take the photos.

  1. Declutter

Every prospective buyer will look at a home and picture their items in it, from art to larger pieces of furniture like couches and televisions. They won’t be able to do that if your space is full of knick-knacks and clutter, which is why it’s important to clear your shelves and walls of as many little objects as you can before you start showing your space (just don’t go overboard; you still want your space to look lived in).

  1. Satisfy their sense of smell

No one wants to buy a space that smells like a gym bag. To make your home smell nice and fresh for prospective buyers, add a few scented items to every room: potpourri, flowers or air fresheners. You can even go the extra mile to do your dirty laundry (yes, the smell of it can filter into any room), or bake a pie or a loaf of bread before buyers pop by.

  1. Reno records

One of the easiest ways to increase (or at least maintain) the value of your home is with consistent, general maintenance. When a potential buyer tours your home they will see the house is in good shape but they may not fully realize everything you have done. So why not show them? You can do this by keeping detailed records of all the work you have had done while living in your home. This may include work permits, inspection reports, energy audits, service records, warranties and renovation and repair contracts. This is a great way to show people the quality of the work done and to “show” them what is behind the walls (wiring, plumbing, etc.). These types of records can go a long way in increasing buyer confidence and that can ultimately lead to a higher selling price.

  1. Keep a binder of instruction manuals and warranties

How many times have you installed a new appliance or fixture, put away the instruction manual or warranty information, and then promptly forgotten what you have done with it? It is ok, we have all done it, but we highly advise you change that behaviour right now. When you install something new, be it an appliance, a new furnace, or even a new faucet, keep all the relevant information in a binder. It will only take a minute at the time, and when you go to sell your home we guarantee that buyers will be impressed and appreciate the fact that you have all the info at the ready.


Source : sheknows, scottmcgillivray

Photography: diamondvillas

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