7 tips for decorating a small bathroom

From the most modest to the most luxurious home, all agree to share that special and essential room: the bathroom. A useful space where, if you the favor of square meters, it is possible to convert it into the center of the principal hedonism based on a meticulous decoration. But when space is precisely what is lacking, this may seem more difficult. These are 7 effective ideas to decorate your small but beautiful bathroom.

  1. Use mirrors

The simplest solution for all small spaces is add accessories that multiply the square meters while adding style to the decoration in general. We refer especially to one: the mirror. And what would be a bathroom without one? In this way, by using them intelligently; for example if you use a mirror as a wall lining and put another one in the sink area; the light will bounce from one corner to the other. Therefore the lighting will be corrected and the space will be optimized.

  1. Choose the adequate colors

Topping the list of decoration, the colors are the first decision you have to take before going ahead with the process. In this sense, the golden rule goes for choosing colors that bring light and could create the feeling of expansion of the space. In other words: choose white and cold colors is highly recommended. But decorate with this palette of colors the bathroom could be too bland. In this way, you can add small doses of other neutral and cold colors: green, blue or yellow, for example.

  1. Install a shower instead of a tub

When the idea is to save square meters, it is necessary to rethink the décor of the bathroom and sacrifice some elements that may squander what we need most: space. This is precisely the logic that applies to the choice between a shower and a tub. The question does not arise if your bathroom is very small. However, if your bathroom has a decent size, you can afford to install a small tub. In any case, it is advisable to opt for a shower with a contemporary design.

  1. Create visual games with the decoration

After choosing your shower, it is time to decide what type of covering is the most suitable to paved the wall and the flooring: ceramic, marble, tiles, mosaic etc. The menu of options is wide so find the alternative that best suites your space. Of course, whatever your choice, make sure that it is extremely moisture resistant materials, in particular the one you will install in the shower. Then, create a perspective effect playing with the positioning of the tiles. The aim is to obtain a sensation of depth and an extension of the perspective of the bathroom.

  1. Install a vanity

Confined spaces appreciate better than any other furniture to help them to keep in order. Therefore, furniture and shelves are another essential in all bathrooms, even the smallest. An alternative way to save space, or rather, to use it, is to install the furniture under the sink unit. Finally, try to choose a design that contrast aesthetically with the tone that you have given to the room.

  1. Use DIY furniture

The key to keep everything it its place, is to have a couple of practical furniture in many case, that do not have to occupy large spaces or respond to ostentatious designs. On the contrary, simplicity and discretion are required in a small room. To make furniture yourself, for example a towel holder, take few wooded branches and link them so as to create a scale. Thus, you have a simple but nice towel holder that you can place next to the shower to hang your towels. 

  1. Save space

 The space under the sink is a very profitable point and, without hesitation, you should take advantage. As mentioned above, you can place a vanity with a decent size, and incidentally use your design to add a touch of style to your bathroom. But you can also reuse DIY (Do It Yourself) technique to design tailor-made furniture and maintain all your accessories. Such designs provide visual lightness, free space and also help to create in your bathroom a pleasant atmosphere.

 Translation from Homify

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