Chromotherapy or how to play with colours at home

The colours of your home can be relaxing, stimulating, de-stressing… A good colour therapy will help you to be always in a good mood. Try it!


As you may know, the colours inside your house have an influence. In this way, the impact is different when you decorate your living room in blue or in red; or your bedroom in green or in yellow. But have you ever dare to play with them?  If not, you should have a look to the meaning of colours and their influence on your mood.


YELLOW: vitality and energy

Yellow is the colour of joy par excellence. The spaces decorated with this colour fill us with vitality and desire to do things. It is an antidepressant! Furthermore, it is ideal for dark spaces or for those who are located on the north side of the house. But you need to be careful not to abuse it, because it can create a feeling of stress. The room can be a great option to play with details and furniture in this colour.


RED: positive and passion

Vital and full of passion, red is a colour that gives us renewed energy, but in moderation, otherwise you will feel oppressed and stifled. This colour is not recommended in children’s bedrooms, because it is too exciting, but it is pleasant in the kitchen. It has been proved that the colour red makes you feel hungry!


PURPLE: sweetness and elegance

Purple and mauve tones, can cause very different effects if you use light colours or if you chose a darker one. Purple is often used in living room, to create a sober and elegant space. But the clear tones, and generally all pastel tones transmit sweetness and tranquillity, so this colour is perfect to decorate your bedroom


BLUE: tranquillity and harmony

Blue is a colour that inevitably takes us to the sea, clear sky and summer. It fills us with joy and peaceFor this reason it is often used in children’s bedroomsBut it is also a good choice in any room we want to fill with harmony and tranquillity and above all, very good vibes.


GREEN: relaxation and comfort

Green is the colour of nature. And it is, according to experts on colour therapy, a colour that invites us to relax. So it is recommended for bedrooms, for people with sleep problems or anxiety problems. But green is also a synonym for balance between body and mind, so it also perfect to decorate your bathroom.


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