City stops rental Airbnb to protect affordable housing

Since a short time of notice, Barcelona’s tourism industry has been recognized as out of control for some time, and when Mayor Ada Colau entered office this June, she did so promising to crack down on its excesses. Airbnb possesses a big role in this subject. Since the start of Airbnb the demand and supply of holiday rentals has been increased. Therefore, measures will be taken within a short time. This already happend in Berlin. What does this mean for Barcelona and Airbnb?

Berlin has banned tourists from renting entire apartments through Airbnb and its competitors in an attempt to protect affordable housing.

With the help of large fines, the German city’s authorities are hoping to protect the property supply and keep rents as low as possible.

After the success of the various online rental portals, the number of properties available for long-term rental periods had fallen markedly

But from 1 May, the new law entitled “Zweckentfremdungsverbot” bans the short-term let of entire apartments to tourists without a city permit.

Since the mayor of Barcelona has promised to crack down on its excesses, the future of Airbnb may not be as bright in Barcelona. Barcelona is given out big fines to apartments without a tourist license and to companies for their illegal offering.

Meaning, Airbnb may be illegal very soon in Barcelona. Since Barcelona is very busy in decreasing rental of illegal tourist flats, the idea of Berlin will be a motivation for Barcelona to do this as well.

Source: Independent & Citylab

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