– On -Call 24/7 Reserve (monthly fee)
– (Standard Admin, advice and Calls included)
Extra Admin work
– (For on-going issues or issues that require more than an hour to resolve)
Postal Services
– Visit to the Property (per hour)
– Waiting at Property (3rd hour +)
– Full day at Property
– Attending Community Meetings
– Including a summarized written translation
– Shopping
– Client will be given their quote from the list.
– Handyman (9-5 Monday to Friday)
– Handyman (out of hours and Sat to Sun)
– Property Lawyer
– Legal services will be discussed before use
– Inventory
– Including photos and descriptions
– Tax form for Non-Residents
– Trimestral
– Any Bank fees related to the funds or transfers for this property will be charged to the client.