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Moving is one of the most stressful events that you will have to deal with your life, and it´s even more stressful when you are in another country where you don´t speak the language. We have found that many estate agents in Barcelona do not hold the same level of real estate professionalism that you would expect in the

Barcelona Real Estate stocks seem to be limited and far between thus incomparable forcing the prospective tenant to do more searches and seek out other estate agents. We have found no willingness from estate agents to go out of their way for the tenant, only pushy salesmen trying to wiggle out every last cent.

We have set up this company primarily because we have a love for working in property; for finding diamonds in the rough that can be spruced up and made into a true home. We understand how important it is to get the little details right as this is your life, your home and it´s an important decision.

Whatever your situation we will try to assist you in the best way we can with tailored options and prices.You may chose one option or you may want the whole package whatever it is we will endeavor to make a package to your budget and