Snowy Days In Barcelona

Snowy days in barcelona

It´s a rare phenomenon to have snowfall in Barcelona, the Snow has appeared twice in February 2018. For Barcelona residents that are not accustomed to seeing snow, it unleashes an avalanche of comments on social networks. Barcelona’s population were very enthusiastic and took pictures of the snow that did not cover all of Barcelona. However, Barcelona’s authorities asked for the population to avoid the unnecessary displacements and to opt for the metro instead of cars.
This snow episode is due to the passage of the Siberian cold wave on the Cataluña territory that came from the east of Europe. This wave also affects the rest of the Europe with very low temperatures which dropped under 0 degrees. Despite these cold temperatures, the little snowflakes that fell from the sky will remains in Barcelona population’s memories and the fine white coat that covered some parts of Barcelona offered beautiful pictures and a great playground for the kids.
But we are far away from the last snow episode called “la gran Nevada” dating back to 2010 in Cataluña when most people were surprised not by the snow, but by the strong wind that has accompanied it, which totally paralyzed Barcelona for a few days. Although in the last few years there have been a few flakes in the city, you must go back a lot further to remember such a big snowfall.
Finally, if you, as tourists, have the chance to attend a snowfall, do not lose time, take out your cameras and try to get the most beautiful photos of Barcelona under the snowflakes because it doesn´t last for long.

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