Do you have an apartment published on Idealistic or Airbnb? The tax offices knows this and will ask you to declare

Dela Renta 2015 campaign began today and will last until June 30. Among the novelties of this edition, the Tax Agency takes a step to try to encircle the rentals for both long-lasting and tourist travelers. Meaning, when the taxpayer will do their transactions through the website of an Agency, if you have an article posted on any online platform, you will receive a warning that reminds you that “in case of receiving rental income, it  should be given in the statement that any type of income needs to be taxed by and not recorded in the fiscal data. ”

The Tax Agency does not give names on the websites where the ads are advertised and which the agency has tracked but at the press conference presenting the campaign, the managing director of the Agency, Rufino de la Rosa has said that the focus is lying on both “short term and long term.” “These are our actions, not data supplied by the platforms,” he answered to the media. The Tax Agency has noticed the ads on platforms although at first they do not know whether they are rented or not.

De la Rosa added that the data includes homes that are for rent and also “have a number of procedures to verify whether the home is rented.” A statement  included in the Annual Plan Tax and Customs Control 2016 which are among the activities held by the agency includes the “implementation of actions in the service sector focused on the discovery of activities and hidden income in business services sector that totally or partially participate in the underground economy. ”  As well, he notes that “among others, any act on individuals who provides totally or partially homes by internet or other means will need to act with respect to those regular tourist companies that do not fully meet their tax obligations. In addition, proceedings for detecting irregular rentals with no declaration “.

The other new Rents of 2015

In the campaign of 2015, the Tax Agency estimates that nearly 80% of the declarations shall be able to confirm, modify and submit via the Web with a Rent platform. This is an online tool that combines the traditional draft declaration of the program PADRE. Thus, a greater number taxpayers can be performed through the web. Taxpayers who can not make the declaration through this platform are those who are receiving income from economic activities.

Generally speaking, you are not required to declare  taxpayers who have earned income to a maximum of 22,000 euros per year. A limit is reduced when these come from more than one payer or when compensatory pensions or annuities received for no privilege. In these cases, the limit increases from 11,200 to 12,000 euros per year.

Within the new legislation, we must bear in mind that this season there are changes in the applicable tax bases types. In addition, in the year 2015 a new tax saving, which establishes three types of 19.5%, 21.5% and 23.5% from 50,000 euros applies. Among the changes there is also an  introduction of the uniform percentage reduction of 60% of the net rental yield declared from the previous percentage depended on the age of the tenant housing.

Source: El Diario

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